There’s a brand new entry in the Crestmore series!!

Captain Hudson and the Red Ghosts is set months before the events of The Lost Elmkey, and follows Captain Hudson’s search for the Domdan Treasure. Stay tuned for more details.


5th April

Sean’s April Newsletter is out today. HERE is a link to the book giveaways for this month. There’s some real crackers in here from a variety of top-notch authors, so check them out.

12th March


The audiobook version of Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey will be delayed until sometime in August/September. Apologies for the delay.

16th February

Good News! The first five chapters of Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey, are available to read on this website. Now, you can follow the beginnings of Jacob and Orla’s adventure completely FREE!!


12th February

Sean Clarke interview with the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald

Sean spoke with the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, about the release of Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey, and details of how he came to write the novel.

11th February

Interview with Book Goodies.

Sean talked about his writing process from beginning to end. He also offered advice to other writers trying to get their work out there.

6th February

Check out the Official Trailer for Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey

3rd February 2021


An audiobook version of Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey, has entered production. The book will be narrated by talented poet and voice artist, Joseph Johal, a Canadian resident with a background in theatre. The audiobook will be released sometime in March/April and will be available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

31st January 2021

A strong start for Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey, saw the novel rise to first place in the Dystopian/Sci-Fi section of Amazon’s Free eBooks category. The book has been free since its release but is now full price.

25rd January 2021

It’s here!!! The exciting debut novel from Sean Clarke.

Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey, blends traditional fantasy with science fiction elements and political intrigue to create a dizzying spectacle that will leave you wanting more long after the final page has been turned.

23rd January 2021

Sean Clarke Interview with International Book Promotion.

Sean spoke with International Book Promotions about his upcoming novel, Crestmore: Lost Elmkey, and his life in general. A must-read interview!

11th December 2020

Sean Clarke’s debut novel, Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey, is due to drop on Tuesday 26th January 2021. It will be available worldwide in eBook and traditional paperback format with an audiobook expected to follow at a later date.

Click HERE for more information on Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey.