A Hunter Rises

A troubled hunter on a quest for magic. The powers of darkness out to stop him.

Forced to hunt monsters in Uthovaya’s Capital City, Jacob Crestmore’s dreams of escape look set to remain unfulfilled. Now, resigned to his fate, he discovers a secret that could change his life in the blink of an eye. The power of elemental magic is within his grasp, but only if he can find an ancient artefact with the power to awaken it.

Meet the Characters

Jacob Crestmore

20-year-old, Jacob grew up in Oakhedge, a small town in Uthovaya. His abusive foster parents caused him to run away from home on his tenth birthday where he found himself on the brutal streets of the Capital, scavenging for food and relying on his best friend Orla for support. As the book begins, Jacob has become a hunter, putting himself at risk to capture the dangerous creatures that stalk the Capital. He brings in very little money so is homeless and often goes without food. Jacob dreams of a better life for himself but when opportunity knocks, will he answer the call?

Orla Paton

Orla Paton is a feisty and ambitious 18-year-old who lives in Gonga Grove, a sleepy neighbourhood in the Capital of Uthovaya. Fiercely loyal to Jacob, her family and her country, Orla dreams of a career in politics where she will have the power to make a better life for the long-suffering Uthovayans. She clashes constantly with her father whose bigoted views and hatred of Jacob causes friction between the pair. As the book begins, Orla has been offered a place at North West University to study political science. She is over the moon until Jacob’s family secret leaves her with with a testing choice – her own future or her best friend’s?

Gunnar (Gosford) Veto

A ruthless enforcer for the Antantan government. Gosford Veto started life as an infantryman in the Antantan military, earning the nickname, “Gunnar,” where he rose through the ranks to become one of the most powerful men in Antantis. Veto answers only to the president and vice-president of the superpower nation. As the book begins, Veto is back in the capital to apprehend a fugitive known as Lady Kadesha. When Veto learns she is with a young Dakew boy named Jacob Crestmore, he must finally face up to the past and stop his superiors from finding out his role in the infamous events that took place twenty years ago.

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