Jacob Crestmore

20-year-old, Jacob grew up in Oakhedge, a small town in Uthovaya. His abusive foster parents caused him to run away from home on his tenth birthday where he found himself on the brutal streets of the Capital, scavenging for food and relying on his best friend Orla for support.

As the book begins, Jacob has become a hunter, putting himself at risk to capture the dangerous creatures that stalk the Capital. He brings in very little money so is homeless and often goes without food. Jacob dreams of a better life for himself but when opportunity knocks, will he answer the call?

Aurora Faun – reporter for the Daily News caught up with Jacob Crestmore to talk about his recent hunting success.….

AF: Hi, Jacob. Thanks for coming.

JC: Thanks for having me. It’s always nice to get out of the cold.

AF: I’ll bet. You recently caught a Vilfaar Dragon. Am I right in saying it was your most impressive kill to date?

JC: It really was. It usually takes an entire hunting party to take down a Vilfaar Dragon, but I managed to do it all by myself.

AF: How long have you been a hunter?

JC: A few years now.

AF: Any tips for our readers thinking of going into that line of work?

JC: Don’t! It pays poorly, especially if you’re working alone because the big creatures are nearly impossible to capture. Even if you do catch one, nobody will believe you.

AF: Can you elaborate?

JC: I took the dead Vilfaar Dragon to the hunting depot to claim payment, only for one of the suits to accuse me of stealing it from a hunting party. He had some of his goons take the kill away, and I ended up without compensation for my hard work. I went home hungry.

AF: Not a great advert for hunting. You mentioned your home; can I ask whereabouts you live?

JC: I live in the ruins of an army recruitment centre. It’s one of the old Uthovayan army ones that got bombed during the Antantan takeover. You know, the ones that existed before the Antantans opened their own recruitment centres across the country. It’s not ideal but I have a great view of the stars from the hole in the roof.

AF: Er…. That’s nice. Anyway, Uthovaya has been under Antantan occupation for twenty years now, what’s your thoughts on the current situation?

JC: It’s not ideal? Especially, if you’re a Dakew, or even a Mixling like me. We still can’t go into a public place without one of those stupid permission slips. I can’t tell you how degrading the process is. Sometimes, I avoid public places just so I don’t have to go through the whole charade.

AF: It’s awful how the Mixlings and Dakew are treated. Do you hope for Uthovaya to be free of Antantan rule someday?

JC: I can’t answer that.

AF: Why not?

JC: Because I don’t want to get in trouble. Next question, please?

AF: Will you be attending the Dance for Liberty this year?

JC: No. the tickets are too expensive. I can think of better things to buy. Like food parcels and clothes. My best friend, Orla, attends every year though. She’s hoping to be a guest speaker one day.

AF: Thanks again, Jacob, and good luck with your next hunt.

JC: You’re too kind.

End of Interview.