Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey

The post-magic country of Uthovaya is under the control of Antantis, a superpower nation ruled by a mysterious president who will stop at nothing to keep the status quo. Although the Uthovayans long for freedom, the odds are firmly stacked against them in the battle for liberty.

In amongst the troubles, a young hunter named Jacob Crestmore struggles to survive on the tough streets of the Capital. He is haunted by his childhood, and desperate to find his purpose in life. When Jacob discovers a diary written in an unknown language, he finds himself involved in a search for The Lost Elmkey, an artefact with the power to awaken the elemental spirits and infuse him with magic. But the president of Antantis is fearful of an uprising and has dispatched the sinister Gunnar Veto to beat Jacob to it.

If Jacob is to succeed, he must come to terms with his past and be prepared to die for the cause….

Relentless, intriguing and filled with wonderful characters, Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey is modern fantasy on an epic scale.